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Happiness is...

I seem to remember having this book when I was a child called Happiness is a Warm Puppy. I'd honestly all but forgotten about it until today. Apparently it's gone out of print now, but I found myself thinking today that Happiness is a Snoring Bulldog.

I only bring it up because we now have a warm puppy in our house and it is definately one of the happiest feelings I can imagine. He's a seven month old bulldog named Quickly. He's our dog, but he's admittedly mostly Dirk's dog. He's wanted this dog for a decade or more. He's even had the name picked out. We recently found a house that we are very seriously thinking about buying and so discussion (of course) turned to DOG. I adore dogs... just about all of them, so while I've historically been more about my animals picking me, I've always admired my husband for knowing exactly what he wants in a pet dog.

We found this guy's breeder via an online referral service and just thought we would put our name on their list for an upcoming litter. It turned out that they would likely have a litter ready around the end of September, which likely would have been perfect timing, but then she told me about this other little guy they had, who they hoped would be a "show dog". Unfortunately for them (but fortunately for us!) he grew a couple inches too long, which effectively made him useless as a show dog and they didn't need another "stud", so they were willing to part with him for a very reasonable price and we couldn't resist jumping at the chance. The best part is that he's still a puppy, but appears to be past the chewing-everything-in-sight phase AND is crate/potty trained.

We've only had him home for a day, but he is just awesome. I don't know if all bulldogs are like this, but he is the most laid back, easy going dog we've ever known. He makes a variety of noises that some people might find unappealing, but we think they're adorable.

Vive la Quickly!
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